Sebastian Kurz


Sebastian Kurz was born on Wednesday the 22nd of Av 5746.

Chancellor of Austria

On Sunday the 25th of Tishrei 5778 he and his party emerged victorious from the legislative elections with 31.5% of the vote. His People's Party formed a coalition with the Freedom Party. He was sworn in as Chancellor of Austria on Monday the 30th of Kislev 5778. On Monday the 22nd of Iyyar 5779 he lost a vote of no-confidence. On Tuesday the 23rd of Iyyar he was removed from office. On Sunday the 29th of Elul 5779 he won legislative elections with 37.5% of the vote. He then formed a coalition with the Green Party. On Tuesday the 10th of Tevet 5780 he was sworn in again as Chancellor of Austria.