Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau was born on Shabbos the 7th of Tevet 5732.

Member of Parliament for Papineau

On Tuesday the 15th of Tishrei 5769 he won the seat of Papineau in a general election and became its MP. On Monday the 28th of Nisan 5771 he was reelected as Papineau's MP.

Leader of the Liberal Party

On Sunday the 4th of Iyyar 5773 he was declared the leader of the Liberal Party after having won 80.1% fo votes.

Prime Minister of Canada

On Monday the 6th of Cheshvan 5776 the Liberal Party won 184 out of 338 seats. Justin Trudeau was sworn in on Wednesday the 22nd of Cheshvan 5776 as Prime Minister of Canada. On Monday the 22nd of Tishrei 5780 the Liberal Party won just 157 seats. Justin Trudeau formed a minority government.